Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The day has come

This has to have been the easiest pregnancy known to man. No sickness, no heartburn, no health issues whatsoever! As the months have come and gone, Chris and I have agreed that he could just stay where he is as long as he wants because he is so easy to take care of right now. Mothers who know better have told us that the day will come when I  just cannot wait a minute longer for him to make his entrance.

That day has come. It was this past Saturday when I was woken at about 3am by extreme discomfort. It seems that little man has decided he is ready to come, but he is trying to climb up and out the top. Ok, I know that is just how it FEELS, but that is all I can envision. Well, it is either that or he is destined to be a swimmer and he is practicing pushing off the edge of the pool as hard as he can. Since Saturday, he has made several of the same attempts and I am officially past the stage of wanting him to stay put. He is welcome to come at any time. 

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Gramma Cupcake said...

I am ready for his arrival as well!!!!!!!!