Monday, March 29, 2010

Status updates

I realize I forgot to update everyone on the bottle situation. It's gone. After that day that we took it away, it was never seen again. So much easier than the books said it would be. Now, I just have to bring myself to get rid of the bottles.. They are still in a drawer in my kitchen.

Also, for record keeping purposes, Carter knows where his ears and mouth are! If you ask him, he'll point them out to you. He knows his belly as well, but can be a little shy so, he doesn't always lift his shirt to show you. Most of the time when he does lift his shirt, he sucks his belly in. Where did he learn that?

He has also decided this past week that he cannot get enough of his books! He has finally realizes that it can be fun to sit still for a minute if someone reads to him!

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Gramma Cupcake said...

He was also showing me his nose (as well as mine!) the other day!
Gramma Cupcake