Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our favorite niece

I know, I know. I still need to post so much from this past weekend which was so much fun, but there was so much that it will have to be shared in pieces. This is one of my favorite pieces, my niece, Isabelle!

She was so cute in the backyard. She adores Minnie Mouse and since we recently hung the Mickey Mouse birdhouse that GG Lois and Floyd gave Carter for Easter, she was very excited when she looked up at the tree. 

The Buxtons spent the weekend with us in honor of Auntie Lindsey's big birthday and we just could not get enough of little miss thing! Carter kept hugging her, pushing her for a ride on his 4-wheeler and patting her on the back. 


The Buxtons said...

We had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see everyone this weekend. I just love these photos!

GG said...

She's such a sweet little Princess. Looking forward to seeing her Sunday.