Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Working Weekend

Way back in November when we first saw our house, we loved the yard! It had these great hedges:

Unfortunately, winter came and something happened to the massive hedge.

After giving it some love, we finally realized that it wasn't coming back. So, Chris took charge and out it came. It filled his truck.

A trip to Shorty's (this place was amazing), a few hours of Carter napping and Viola!

The 3 bushes will grow into a new hedge over time!

When the bush came out we realized that the rail hadn't been painted (the hedge had been in the way). Luckily, it was the same color as the color used inside our house so no guessing and trying to match it!

I also painted the chairs on our porch. They used to be an orangey color, now they're white

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GG said...

Guess this was a working weekend for you two. Looks great!