Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 guys

Carter and I decided to try out the new "restaurant" near our house today. It's called "5 Guys burger and Fries" and I should have known something was wrong when I saw all the awards they were boasting the minute I walked in the door. Seriously, all over the walls and even their cups, were lists of awards for best burger or best fries.

I don't know who gave them these awards or if they made them up, but this was the worst burger I've ever tried to eat. I would seriously take McDonald's over this burger. The fries were edible, but nothing to write home about. Since the burger was gross, Carter ate quite a few fries, but I think it was mostly because he is so in to dipping these days. - Check out his people watching skills. So sly! They'll never notice him watching them.

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Tracey said...

That was hilarious!!!! If only I culd get away with that.

Gramma Cupcake