Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sara Bareilles

Yep. That's her. Lindsey won tickets from the radio station for a private concert. I know, you're not surprised that she won. Things like that just seem to happen to my sister! How lucky am I that I was on her guest list?! We got to the Barrel Room at about 3:15 since the doors opened at 3:30 (we wanted to be there early to get good seats and BOY did it pay off).

So, the doors open and we got the table RIGHT in front of the piano. I mean we could have reached up and touched her -actually, we did touch her when we got our PICTURE TAKEN WITH HER THANK-YOU-VERY-MUCH!!! (photo to come early next week when the radio station posts it online).

She was super nice to all..umm.. there may have been 17 of us in the room and we had an amazing time!


Tracey said...

Oh. My. Ga.
How fun was that?!

GG said...

Sounds as though all of you had a great time. I'm a new fan. Love her voice.

courtinoregon said...

I am SO JEALOUS. I think she's coming back in November for a concert.