Saturday, December 11, 2010

Self-imposed time out

We hardly every have to use time out at our house. I think we have honestly used it twice and ever since, I just give Carter the option to do as mommy or daddy has asked or sit in time out. The usual response is to do what was asked.

Today was a bit different. We played all morning and it was time to leave the house so, I asked Carter to come with me to get a new diaper and get dressed so that we could leave. This request was followed by about 10 seconds of a hissy-fit. I told him that he could get a new diaper or sit in time out.

He calmly walked over to his bench and sat down.


GG said...

It's 2:51 pm here. Is he still sitting in "time out"?

GG said...

Guess he didn't want to leave the house, eh?