Monday, May 7, 2012

8 months home

I cannot believe it has been 8 months that Coen has been home and yet, I cannot believe it has ONLY been 8 months that he has been home. Make any sense?

I mean, didn't we just get through the stress of paperwork and visa appointments? Then again, it seems like he has always been with us. It's hard to remember a time without Carter and Coen running through the house, fighting over toys and hugging on each other. I vaguely remember worrying about how he would adjust and how the boys would get along. Now, as we expect number three, I'm worried about our newest being left out as I watch these two best buddies full of their own personalities long before their little brother arrives. I'm a mom, I have to worry about something ;)

Coen is doing awesome overall. He is verbally very advanced and his overall comprehension seems to be above that of other kids his age. Now, if he could just use his powers for good :) He he. Seriously, he is adorable and cuddly, but he has so much of his mommy's stubbornness in him that some days are a challenge for he and I. We've made some big improvements this past week as I learned ways to avoid his hot buttons and he in turn, willing or not, avoids mine. As the saying goes, if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy,  but at our house, Mama can't be happy if Coen ain't happy so, I guess we know who really has the power here...

We made the decision to pull him out of school this week. He's been going for about a month and a half now and we've steadily seen regression in a few areas. Potty training went down the tube, his manners were disappearing at the table and his attitude really sucked - he was saying, "no" to everything. It all could be random timing, but I can't help but think that going from only being around OCD-potty-trained-Carter to being exposed to younger kids in diapers who tend to just eat with their hands had something to do with it. When I mentioned the "no" thing to his teacher she told me that "they all do that. They only say no." hmmmmm.. So, no school for now until he is able to move up to the next classroom level (not until at least 2 1/2). Instead, we are going to do a gymnastics class while Carter is at school. He is such a ball of energy, I'm hoping that gymnastics will help him doing something productive with it.

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GG said...

Yeah. Yep, little Coen is a bundle of energy. Since the weather here doesn't permit outside playing often, he can spend all that pent up energy in gymnastics.