Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet lil' man with no tonsils

Man, this morning was rougher than I was prepared for! We started out with a very happy and excited Carter as we headed to the hospital. You would think we were on our way to Disneyland he was so excited! He even kept telling us he was "on vacation".

To be clear, I DID tell him over and over that his throat was going to REALLY hurt after the surgery so, I'm still not sure why he was so excited.. He did great talking with all the nurses and doctors and was fine being wheeled off to surgery without us (I nearly burst into tears, but he was fine).

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At first he wasn't a fan of the pajamas. Then they offered him pink and suddenly he was perfectly fine with these.

We had to wait about an hour out in the waiting room. When they finally called us back, he as a wreck. The poor guy came out of anesthesia very upset and aggressive so they put him back under. When he came out the second time, he was "better" but still very distraught and confused. Thank goodness daddy was there to hold him and calm him down.

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You know there is a problem when Carter turns down a popsicle... We hung out for about an hour and they sent us on our way. He's still pretty groggy and in some pain, but finally fell asleep. His recovery will take about 2 weeks and we are supposed to expect good days and bad throughout. Poor little guy..

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The Buxtons said...

Poor little guy. Hope his recovery is speedy!! Love you Carter!!

GG said...

He was pretty brave. Maybe he was having a bad dream when he first awakened. Hope the soreness passes soon.