Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 8 months

8 months ago today my little man was born. I can hardly believe it. You know what that also means? Only 4 months to get your Christmas shopping done!!!

We celebrated his big 8 months by going to the zoo yesterday. We also tried a new hairdo.

The baby elephant was also celebrating - his 1st birthday - so, Carter joined in the fun for about 2 seconds by wearing elephant ears.

Daddy tried to show him the elephant...

But he was more interested in this lady's hair.

By the end of the day, we were all pretty pooped.


Gramma Cupcake said...

Next summer he will be more interested in the elephant!
Gramma Cupcake

GG said...

How funny. Mom and Dad are smiling bit time and Carter looks "put out". His new style looks a lot like Dad's.

Kellie Roberts said...

happy 8 months bubs! i'm a little envious, i feel like i haven't been to the zoo since i was about 8 months old as well!!