Saturday, August 22, 2009

What baby jeans SHOULD cost

Although I'm very thrifty (Ok - I'm just cheap), I don't have the patience that my mom and sister have for searching for treasures at garage sales or thrift stores. I still manage however, to get some good deals. You see, I'm a coupon freak. Take these special edition jeans I got for little man.

Sure, the tag says $21.99, but that's not what I paid!

They were on sale 1/2 off at JCPenny. So, I paid $11, right? NO WAY! I pulled out my $10 off any item for $10 or more and spend a hefty $1.07 (tax and all). Yes, this is what I think baby jeans SHOULD cost.


obsessive auntie said...

What a steal!

GG said...

Good for you. Sure pays to be cheap, eh?