Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

No pictures. Sorry. It's all I can do to take a minute to write. We've had house guests that last 3 nights and company all day. We also had our huge neighborhood garage sale on Saturday which was a huge success! Our garage is basically empty now and Chris has it looking AMAZING!!!!!

So, I had to share. GG Lou is in town and she keeps trying to tell me that Carter is talking to her every time I leave the room. Once he told her to "push" the button on the remote to turn on the TV for him. Then, she swears he asked for "juice". Crazy Grandma. That's what I thought and to be honest, that's what I said to her. I think exactly that - "Grandma, you're crazy"

Then, tonight, as we went to take Carter upstairs he walked into the kitchen, saw his juice on the counter, pointed and said "joooz, joooz, joooz". I hushed him, after all, daddy was talking. Then it hit me! "He just said JUICE! Did you hear him?"

Seriously, how long has he been saying "juice"? I know he completely understands everything I say - he responds to any command (get your milk, go to your highchair, let's go upstairs, where's your toolbox?), but every time we try to get him to SAY something, he just gives us a blank stare.

Carter's words:
"nana" - banana: means any kind of food
"dis" - this: randomly points to something, says something followed by "dis"
"DA!" - Dog: used only when he sees a dog while pointed and yelling excitedly (even if he sees one on TV)
"joooz" - juice!!!!


GG said...

He he. Wait until I come up again OR maybe he and I will communicate in secret when you come down in July. He is soooooooo dang smart. Those wheels in his head are always turning. Think it's about time you teach him some Spanish?

A Cottage Industry said...

GG tried to tell you. He DOES talk every time you leave the room!
Gramma Cupcake