Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never really been a big deal for us - Chris and I. Maybe it's because our anniversary used to be January 25th (when we started dating) and celebrating again 2 weeks later followed by my birthday a week later was a bit much. Now, our anniversary is just 2 weeks after my birthday so, we're kind of in the same boat. Three "celebrations" within one month. We did take advantage of a babysitting offer this year and had a date of a movie and buying of kitchen appliances (I know, real romantic), but it was more of a date away from Carter than a celebrating of Valentine's Day.

We're thinking this upcoming Valentine's Day will give us more reason to celebrate. Come to think of it, we'll be celebrating February 14th for the rest of our lives if all goes as planned.

That's right. We're expecting! And, in true Roberts fashion, our baby is due on a holiday. I'm crossing my fingers that it really does come on Valentine's Day so that Carter and his brother/sister can complain together about people celebrating a holiday on THEIR birthday.

As the doctor said, it is too early to buy paint, but we had an ultrasound and everything is going as it should. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we are on pins and needles the next few weeks.


stacibee said...

Congratulations!! That's so exciting Heather! Good luck on the due date...Valentine's will be even more special!

Tracey said...

You already know that I'm over the moon!

Gramma Cupcake

ps.Consider me a prayer warrior.

laurabuster said...

YIPPEE!! What great news Heather!

GG said...

Such wonderful news. Perhaps I should be thinking about sewing something special again. Hmmmm - pink or blue? Guess I'll have to just wait and see along with you two.