Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good things come in small packages

I've been expecting something for a little while now. I've been so excited and yet, wasn't supposed to tell people yet. So, with all my excitement, I've been researching and reading to keep my mind occupied. Through this reading, I stumbled upon a blog that had a necklace that I just had to have. It was a steal of a deal too!

And so, I then was expecting a package while I was expecting the thing I was not supposed to talk about yet.

The package arrived!

I opened it to find a beautiful necklace, but not THE necklace. Got to admit... I was bummed. I contacted the creator and let her know and she was BEYOND apologetic. She said that I could keep the necklace sent by mistake AND she would send my necklace the very next day. How cool is that?!

I decided to share her generosity and gave the necklace to Gramma Cupcake who adores it. Anyway, my package arrived today. Not only did it have my perfect necklace, it also had a pair of very cute earrings for the mix-up. Completely unnecessary, but I love them!

OK. So what was in my little package?

It says "Expecting from Ethiopia"

For more, check out our secret blog:

Please allow everyone else to find out about our news just as you did. It is so much more fun when people check-in to our blog looking for a hoe hum post about Carter and instead find something exciting. 


GG said...

Oh my, how darn exciting. No wonder you love the necklace. It's absolutely perfect. I love it.

sandy said...

Congratulations. I have a friend who adopted an infant from Ethiopia. He is now five years old and just started kindergarten. What a blessing he has been to this family. Good luck to you!

Carol said...

How perfect!!Congrats to all of you!! How very wonderful!
Carol in GA