Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shots & trains

Today Carter and I head to the doctor's to get some vaccinations. First, the flu shot, you know, just cause. Then, we got the Hep B shot which they've wanted him to get since birth and I've been putting off since he's not at-risk as well as the Hep A shot. I've read, and his doctor agreed, that he should get these as his new brother or sister may put him at risk (Hep A can be spread like a regular cold). Obviously, we'll know more when we know who our new family member will be, but the vaccinations take a few shots and several months, so I wanted to get them out of the way now while we know we have plenty of time.

So, we got to the doctor's office and Carter was thrilled to see the train table. He even pointed and said something close to "train!". I responded with "yes, it's a train!" and he quickly said "choo choo." So cute!

The shots went OK. He cried so hard when they happened, but when I asked if he wanted to play with the train some more, the tears dried right up! We went out to the waiting room and played for another 15 minutes or so before I had to drag him away.

I guess I have an idea of a birthday/Christmas present this year.. 

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