Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little funny from my day

1) When driving home from errands, I asked Carter if I could grab a coffee really quick before we went home to play. I didn't expect a response, at least not a real one. I'm so used to talking to him since I'm with him 24/7 that it's like talking to myself. His response today: "No mommy! No, no coffee mommy. Juice!" I tired to persuade him, but I was not match for his adorable little finger moving back and forth. He was ready to play and did not want to waste time at Starbucks.

2) Right around the time Chris is supposed to get home I usually realize that there are toys EVERYWHERE and we really need to clean up. I tell Carter to hurry up and clean up his toys because daddy will be home. Some times he slowly gets to cleaning up. Other times we have to have a discussion about time out before he gets moving. Here is what happened today:

We hear the door indicating that Chris is walking in. Carter runs to the hallway and yells something like "Daddy, mess! No daddy, mess!" with his hand up signaling him to stop. It was like, "come no further, the place is a mess" and he then ran around and cleaned up all his toys before he would let Chris come into the kitchen.

ADORABLE! I mean, if he gets any cuter he might explode.

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GG said...

Since I've seen him put up his hand to stop when I've been with him, I definitely could see him bossing Chris. Too funny.