Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I just love this little man. Everyday he gets better and better.

What I want to remember about Carter at this age (almost 2 1/2):
  • How he wants to be JUST like daddy and will copy everything he does.
  • The way he says "Oh, yes!" with such understanding when I correct him on something.
  • His little hands on each side of my face as he turns my head to face him if I'm not acknowledging him.
  • The way he will respond to any request if I just say "mommy needs help" His response: "Oh, yes!"
  • His little voice saying "Kiki home"
  • How incredibly clean he is when he eats - asking for a napkin if a little PBJ gets on his finger.
  • How concerned he gets when something is out of place or broken "Uh oh!"
  • How gentle he is with anyone younger than him and his request for "two babies."
  • How he runs to daddy when he gets home from work.
  • His wanting to go to "scoo" any time we pass a school.
  • The way he thinks his toy tools can fix anything.
  • They way he adores daddy and thinks he can fix anything (including the picture of the broken Wheat Thin on the cover of the box).

What I will likely forget:
  • The tantrum thrown because he doesn't have his juice in the car when he specifically told mommy "NO juice" multiple times.
  • Spilling his milk not once but twice because he decided to drink out of the cup instead of from the straw.

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GG said...

Another thing you won't forget is that he has a giant's heart in that small body. He's so sensitive to others. Just love that little guy so much.