Saturday, October 8, 2011

More from Carter

Carter drank all of his juice which was about 15% water. Coen went to bed, so daddy offered Coen's juice to Carter which was about 50% water.

Carter: Ewwww! What IS this?
Chris: It's a mixture
Carter: I don't like it. I want juice.
Chris: That is juice. It's a mixture.
Carter: I want all juice (motioning with his finger to fill the cup). I don't want a micta.

**So much funnier in person.

His new favorite thing to say: Very seriously "Mommy, what you talking 'bout?" (even if no one is talking)


GG said...

Is he becoming a "mind reader"? If so, he'll be hard to convince that you "have eyes in the back of your head" myth!

Grandma Loop said...

I just love watching those two little ones. Keep up the good work