Friday, October 7, 2011

One month home

I can't believe that today marks one month that Coen has been home. It seems like he has always been here and yet, I still occasionally have that feeling of anxiety about paperwork being due or embassy appointments coming up and have to remind myself - that is OVER. I was at that level of stress for so long, that it is surreal to be able to just be here with my boys.

It all feels so normal already, but multiple times a day I catch myself doing the normal day-to-day stuff, juggling a 1 and 2 year old, and think "I can't believe this little boy, my son, is the one that I waited for, for so long." It is hard to put into words how it can feel so normal and right to look at him and only see my son, but at the same time to realize that just a month ago I barely knew this child.

How weird it is to still be introducing him to people, to run into people who are so excited to meet him. It is the same feeling I imagine I would get introducing Carter to people that we see on a regular basis and having them get excited. And yet, he still hasn't been able to meet most of my out-of-town family yet. Does that make any sense?

He is doing amazing. He goes down for nap and nighttime so easily (oops! Did I just jinx it?). All I have to do is tell him it is time to sleep, rock him for about a minute and put him in the crib. He sleeps a good 12 hours for us every night and doesn't mind that Carter stays up after him (Coen goes to bed by 7:30). He is doing better every day with realizing that there is plenty of food so he doesn't have to eat EVERY time he sees someone else eating - it's not a contest. And my favorite thing about Coen, he is a cuddle-bunny!

We thank God for how well he has adjusted and thank all of you for the prayers.


GG said...

Betcha he felt all the love from the beginning and I'm sure Mr C (with his big little heart) made Coen feel safe and at home.

A Cottage Industry said...

Wow, it HAS been only a month! Seems like he's been here always!
Gramma Cupcake