Friday, November 4, 2011

The john, the loo, the -you get it

Two items of note today:

1) I never thought that I would ever think it was cute that a boy would want to hold my hand as he sat on the toilet trying to poop. Turns out, it is pretty darn cute when it is your 2 year old who just wants your company while he waits to be "ready."

2) Coen Kwasi, at just 22 months, WENT ON THE POTTY! He has been asking constantly to go on the potty, but when I put him up there, he sits for about 2-5 minutes and then says "I did it!" Apparently, he thinks that is what it is all about, just sitting. Tonight, as Chris got him out of the bathtub, something clicked. He told Chris he needed to "pee pee". Chris put him up there and viola! He is NO where near ready for potty training, but he is starting to get the concept and really wants to do EVERYTHING that Carter does so, I'm sure he'll be insisting on doing more sitting.

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