Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They're not perfect

There. I typed it. My children are NOT perfect. Pretty close, but no cigar. Top annoying habits they have right now are:

Carter: We've hit the "why?" stage. You know what I'm talking about. No matter what I say, he follows with "why?" followed by my answer followed by "why?". It is driving me up the wall.

Coen: When he gets in trouble and I tell him "no" he lets out this horrible whine as if to say "But I wanna!!!!!!!" I think it's ridiculous that he does something wrong and then punishes me more by whining when I tell him no. It's a no win.

Coen #2 (yep, he has 2 right now): No matter what Carter has, he HAS to have it right now. Toy. Banana. You name it. When I tell him no - refer to the above habit.


GG said...

These are reasons why mommies need quiet moments so they can "arm themselves" with a bag of patience.

Grandma J said...

Good thing they are so cute. :-)