Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The big 3-0

I'm just about there. I hit the big one in a couple of days. Just as he has the past 3 years, Chris will be in Cabo on my birthday, he left this morning actually. This year, I finally decided to join him. The first year, I had a newborn, last year, I went to Ghana to meet Coen, this year... I need a break! The boys will stay with Grandma and Papa which I'm a little nervous about as it will be Coen's first time without us (and I think Grandma is scared to death to have both of them), but the boys are very excited and keep talking about it.

So, this past weekend we celebrated my birthday a bit. It wasn't much of a surprise. Two years ago we celebrated my sister's at The Allison and decided right then and there to head back for my 30th (Ok, OK! We went for Lindsey's 31st too). Anyway, Mom and Lindsey picked me up and we ate at Mother's Bistro, YUM! We then did some shopping and headed to the spa for an amazing facial. It was heaven.

The restaurant was completely booked so we "settled" for room service and got the to-die-for-burger that we had planned to eat anyway. So good! One pay-per-view movie later and we were done for the day. We started the next with more room service since it would save us time and get us shopping sooner! We were at the stores by 9:30 and did not stop until 4.

I was beat. Seriously exhausted. I haven't had a day to shop without worrying about nap time in about 3 years. I don't think I've ever had a day when my husband said "You had better come back with a ton of bags!" so, yes, this was an exceptional day. So, exhausted, we stumbled into Macaroni Grill to grab an early dinner. I was shocked to see all of Chris' family and the majority of mine waiting for me. What a great way to end a fabulous weekend!

****FYI: 3 of the bags were full of stuff for Chris. He also never has a chance to shop so, it was great to freshen up his wardrobe!

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Kosel Family said...

Happy 3-0! I had mine in December :) Sending up prayers that your little guys do just fine while you are away!