Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coen's 2 year appointment

Coen had his 2 year appointment today and did... AMAZING! He usually freaks out and starts screaming about, oh, a minute into any doctor appointment (even Carter's appointments). Today, he did great! No crying at all until he got his two shots. He did everything Dr. V. asked him to do and even chose which ear to have checked first and walked back and forth between us when asked. It was like he was an entirely different child!

He is now at 25 lbs and 33 3/4 inches tall. Just like Chris and Carter, I'm having a hard time keeping weight on him. He is constantly on the go!

Dr. V. was amazing at his language skills. He asked if Coen was putting two words together yet.. um.. yeah. He speaks full sentences and could even tell me the other day that he was in time out " 'cause I locked the door" (yes, he locked me out of the house). It is hard to believe he is just over 2 and that 6 months ago he lived in Ghana and rarely heard English spoken. He is pretty amazing.

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