Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A big day for a big boy

Quite the day for big boy Coen. He's been doing great in his pull-ups so I decided today that he would graduate to real big boy underwear! Honestly, we probably could have done it about a month ago, but this tired mama didn't want to add any unnecessary accidents to our daily schedule. 

He goes on the big potty when he needs to - he never wanted anything to do with the little training potty that Carter uses, even freaked out when I put a smaller seat on the big potty to assist. Nope. He'd rather sit on the potty with his tushy hanging in there and hold himself up. When I switched Carter to underwear, we did it 24/7 cold turkey without isses, but Coen still can't make it to the potty in time in the morning so he'll be staying in pull-ups at night for the time being. Really, it's like his body is still getting used to having plenty of liquid and not being dehydrated. We can avoid liquid an hour prior to bed time and he can potty right before bed, he will still wake up with a full pull-up.

No, this photo has nothing to do with his underwear, but it was taken today and too cute not to share. 


Sommer said...

Woo hoo Coen!!!! Way to go!
Love the picture! Your boys are absolutely adorable!!!

A Cottage Industry said...

Love the picture! Enjoy the time you have without anyone in diapers, 'coz that's about to end at the end of August!
Gramma Cupcake