Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun photos

**EDITED to add close-up of "the hair"

Just a couple of photos that made me laugh..

A bad hair day

A day in mom's shoes


Grandma J said...

Wait!! Is he standing alone????

Gramma Cupcake said...

I laughed my head off at the hair shot! Talk about a bad hair day!
Gramma Cupcake

The Roberts said...

Yep, all alone! The boots helped quite a bit :)

The Buxtons said...

It may have been a bad hair day, but he still looks adorable.

GG said...

Wow, it's obvious he hadn't checked the mirror before you took this candid shot. Yep, a REALLY, REALLY bad hair day. Certainly put the emphasis on his handsome face.

GG said...

Good grief mom. He's NOT going to appreicate that close up shot of his hair when he gets to be a teenager. Of course, you could always just blackmail him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could focus on this darling's hair when the MOST beautiful big eyes I've ever seen are staring out at you! That is one adorable baby!
Make him talk. Refuse to give him anything until he verbalizes.
Source: 35 years Early Childhood Development experience.
Relax. Enjoy your baby. They grow up so fast. He WILL talk and walk by the time he reaches Kindergarten! Keeping up with the Joneses baby is meaningless.
He is lovely and obviously loved. What more could one want?