Saturday, January 2, 2010

While mommy is away...

the boys get to business!

I had such a great day. I had a girls' day with one of my best friends and it was great! We had lunch, we shopped, we chatted and I didn't change a single diaper.

My amazing husband had a guys' day.. with little man. By the looks of the toy room, they had quite a bit of fun, but I did saying he was amazing and an amazing husband/dad does more than just watch the baby and play with him. This amazing husband of mine hung a chandelier over our bed that I just adore and to do so, he packed up little man and made a trip to Home Depot.

I got this sweet photo in an email while I was out today.

I'm not done yet. He also made time and found energy to clean up our garage some more (with all the boxes, we are having to constantly reorganize). So, while I thought while I was away the boys would play, my amazing husband did that AND much more. Love you babe!

**Photos of the chandelier to come when the room is finished shortly :)


Gramma Cupcake said...

Sounds like Carter adn Chris had a great day too!
I can't wait to see how the chandelier looks in the bedroom.

GG said...

Of course he's amazing. He's also a fun, considerate, loving human being. He's also an outstanding example for Mr. "C" to follow. Kudos Chris. Thanks for taking such good care of my sweet granddaughter. You're a great team.