Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been a little stressed lately by Carer's lack of vocabulary. He is so lazy that he just points when he wants something and apparently, he got his laziness from us because instead of taking the time to encourage him to ask for something, when he points, we just give him what we know he wants.

We know it's not his hearing because he does actions on command without hand gestures. "clap" "knock" "bye-bye" (waves) "no" (Stops what he is doing and gives mommy a sinister look). So, I guess it goes back to how brilliant he is. Work smarter, not harder, right?

So, I've been trying to hard to get him to say something and today he DID! He had some oatmeal and half a banana at breakfast and when I went to put the other half in the fridge, he pointed up to it and said "nana!"

I, of course, quickly said, "Yes! Nana! Ba-nana! You want some nana?!" and gave him some more.

When he was bored with it all, I put him in his playroom and frantically called Chris to tell him. He was equally - ok, maybe not equally, but almost as excited as I was.

Ahhh.. Now I can relax a little bit.


Gramma Cupcake said...

My eyes are rolling. He is a smarty pants.
Gramma Cupcake

GG said...

Hey that's the way it works. Why talk if he can point? I know that he understands so much more than he lets on. When I told him to drink his milk, he picked up his sipper cup and did so. He's such a sweet happy baby. I was beginning to have "babies" withdrawal because both mommies have been too busy to post on their blogs. Babies surely do not let you have much down time, eh?

Roberts said...

Woo-whoooo! I felt he was getting really close on Wednesday. He would point to things and say ....that!!! What a kid! I also watched your pre-wedding video yesterday while on the treadmill and was amazed how much Carter looks like his mommy!!

The Buxtons said...

Go Carter! He is very smart! Now you need to come visit and teach your cousin.