Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I thought "nesting" was for pregnant women

Apparently nesting is an instinct for all expectant moms regardless of where her baby is coming from. In the past couple of weeks I have:

Painted the nursery a new color
Rearranged the nursery furniture
Replaced the crib bedding with Carter's old bedding that I love so much

I'll be honest.. I've just out-right completely redecorated the nursery. If you saw it before, you know that it was a very nice nursery. I just had an urge and I can only explain it as a nesting instinct. Luckily, my husband went along with it. I decided on a vintage travel theme partially because Coen will already be a world traveler by the time he sleeps in this room and partially because I had just had the vintage travel themed party when I decided to redo the nursery.

One of the final steps was to figure out the widow treatment. We already have blinds, but the window just needed *something*. Of course my mom knew just what it needed.

1 - 1x4
white paint
burlap stands
"Patio bamboo shade"

Luckily, I had everything except the bamboo shade which cost roughly $20.

You could hang it just as it is, but it was a bit too dark for the room so, I brushed a light coat of white/cream paint on the 3' section I planned to use. I then cut the wire at the 3' mark and attached to a 1 x 4 board. (OK, I had my hubby do this, but I instructed him).

It then took the two of us to screw it into the wall and roll it up with the burlap straps as ties. *Sneak peek at the awesome Africa map*

Word of advice, hire this guy to help. No, he doesn't get much done, but he accepts fishes and crackers as payment and his cuteness is worth every crumb!

More photos of the nursery to come


Lindsey said...

Tell him I have a bathroom fan that needs replacing asap:) Too cute. I love the window treatment, it's so perfect.

GG said...

Can't wait to see the "new" nursery in person next week. Also can't wait to hug that sweet little craftsman holding the hammer.

The Buxtons said...

The nursery looks sooo cute!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!