Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You should see the other guy!

Err... umm... I mean, the curb.

Just as I was thinking that I was waaaayyy too over protective sitting outside as Carter played with the older kids - BAM! Tears, blood, and panicked children. Those poor kids! They were being so careful with their tiniest playmate and then he gets hurt anyway!

I think the tears were mostly out of shock that he misstepped and fell off the curb and then the tears really started coming when I picked him up to clean him off. The thought that mommy was putting an end to his playing had him pretty upset. We got him cleaned up and back to play he went. The entire thing lasted about 2.5 minutes.

**Note: around his mouth is pasta sauce, but all the red on his nose are little cuts and scabs and oh, Lordy! That goose egg on his forehead!


GG said...

Oh dear. Guess this is the beginning of "toughing up", eh?

Lindsey said...

He's gonna be Mr. Popular:)

Tracey Buxton said...

...GONNA be?! He already is!
Gramma Cupcake