Monday, April 18, 2011

Not cool

**EDITED: I failed to make it clear that the door did not just lock on it's own. My sweet little man locked me out!

I stepped outside to BBQ some chicken and when I went to go back inside... locked. What?! I couldn't get Carter to come to the door. I ran to front, but I had locked it as well. Man, I need to get better about leaving doors unlocked and the garage open! OK. HIDE-A-KEY!!!! Nope. The lockbox was empty.

Back to the window in the backyard. 15 minutes of back and forth with Carter and he realized that mommy wanted him to unlock the door and not just turn the knob to open it.

I'm in! Yeah!

Now, if you have the hide-a-key, please return it :)


GG said...

Not me, although I almost made that mistake when your mom reminded me that's why it's called a "hide-a-key".

GG said...

Hmmmmmmm. Do you remember that you and your siblings locked out the babysitter? Must be payback, eh? Tee hee.