Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carter says..

Carter: Mom, you feeding your baby?
Me: What?
Carter: You feeding your baby in your tummy?
Me: What?! You think I have a baby in my tummy?
Carter: Yeah.
Me: Why do you think that, Sweetie?
Carter: 'cause you eat lots and put a baby in your tummy.

He had me rolling on the floor with this one. Thank you Sweet Baby Man for keeping mommy in check. Reminder to self in 10 years: make sure to clarify with Carter that babies are not made simply by eating too much - didn't want to tackle this one yet.

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Kosel Family said...

Funny the things that kids come up with :) You could simply tell him that eating doesn't make babies but God makes them. One of my nieces when she was little explained it best that God makes the love from mommy's heart come down to her tummy to make a baby. Sweet and simple