Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How you know you have a great sitter

The other night I mentioned that Veda would be coming to play today. Coen immediately ran to the front door. Chris figured out what he was doing and had to yell "Coen, Veda is not here now! She'll be here this week"

Today, before nap time, I told the boys that Veda would be coming to play today after their nap. I have a ton to do so asked if she would come give me some relief so that I can try to get it done prior to having dinner guests. Carter got up from his nap like this:

Rubbing his eyes, he saw me and was immediately let down that it was ME and NOT Veda so he whined "Veda?"
Me: She's not here yet, but she'll be here soon.
Carter starts to whimper
Me: Bud, she'll be here soon! You like Veda, don't you? She's fun, huh?
Carter: Ya (still whimpering)
Me: What do you like about her?
Carter: Her hair.
Me: She does have pretty hair, doesn't she?
Carter: Ya!

This kid cracks me up. I'm so happy that they love their babysitter that I can't even be upset that he would cry when he saw it was me and not Veda.


A Cottage Industry said...

It's such a good feeling to know they like her! It makes it that much easier to leave them once in a while!
Gramma Cupcake
ps. I am looking forward to MY time with them alone on Thursday night!

GG said...

Veda does have pretty shiny hair. So nice when they like their sitter.