Friday, April 6, 2012

Silly mommy

I volunteered in the 2s/3s room at church last night and took Carter
and Coen along (not the original plan, but it worked out). With about
15 minutes to go, one mom came in and picked up her daughter early.
This sent one little guy into worry wondering when he would get picked
He refused to join the other kids watching Veggie Tales and wanted
to be held. As I patted his back and swayed back and forth, Coen
looked up and took notice. He then looked to his left at Carter, then
back to me and said "Carter right here, Mommy!" as he pointed to
I had to laugh. Poor guy thought I had mistakenly picked up a
Carter look-a-like and was trying to help me out.

Thanks, bud.

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A Cottage Industry said...

He is too stinkin' cute AND smart!
Gramma Cupcake