Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 weeks...

As of tomorrow, we have just 3 more weeks until we meet Baby Roberts (as long as he cooperates). I can't believe it is so close and yet, I can't remember NOT being pregnant. I'm frantically trying to pull the remaining pieces together before he arrives - where DID we put the boppee and the bath tub-thingy? Did I seriously get rid of all of our bottles?!

Yesterday I had my Peggy appointment and everything looks good. We ended up doing another ultrasound. Peggy felt he just wasn't moving enough so, we took another look to make sure he was doing good and he was.

While I'm not ready to actually have a baby in the house yet, I am ready for this baby to be out. He is taking up way too much room now. You know you're at that point when your husband says from across the room, "WOW, he is all on your right side isn't he?!" Yep, you can SEE where he is from across the room.

Carter is stil over-the-top excited and ready to help. The other day we had to have a discussion with him about needing to be a mommy or daddy to wipe his brother's tush. Yes. He offered to go and wipe Coen when Coen was done on the toilet. We also had a discussion about his needing to go back to sleep if the baby wakes him rather than getting up to help me. He was pretty upset by this one and pointed out that if he doesn't help, I'll be tired during the day. My sweet little man! Yep... he is going to be a helper with the baby for sure.

Coen... he says he's excited, but my mommy intuition tells me that when the baby arrives, he'll be over the whole thing pretty quickly and wondering if we really have to keep him.

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