Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our last day...

Our last day as a family of 4! I'm not allowed to eat OR drink anything after 4 a.m. tomorrow so I figured that was cause for the boys and I to enjoy a fun breakfast today. Luckily, Auntie called right as we were headed out the door and had a great idea to try this new place she had heard of, Slappy Cakes.  Apparently you get to cook your own pancakes right at your table. Sounded too fun for the boys so, we were in!


This place did NOT disappoint. You get your choice of different batters as well as items to mix in to your pancakes. We decided on the peanut butter batter and the buttermilk batter and used blueberries, bacon and chocolate chips as our mix-ins. (Hey, it's my last day being pregnant, possibly forever, we might as well go all out, right?). The boys loved watching their pancakes cook and adding their mix-ins and we all left very full. This is what I love about Portland. Dining isn't just about eating. It's about the experience itself and the fact that the food tastes great, well that's a bonus. We'll definitely be back at some point!

Coen - completely stuffed

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A Cottage Industry said...

Too cute!!
And, only in Portland can you find such incredible restaurants!
Gramma Cupcake