Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

Where did I leave off? Ah yes, Carter's birthday celebration had ended and it was on to Christmas Eve dinner! Our friends the Beagles joined us and we are so glad they did! There little guy Henry is Coen's age (one month older) and such a cutie! The boys loved playing with him and Auntie loved loving on his baby brother.

Some photos: the crowns... those are from our tradition of doing "poppers" on Christmas Eve. Each one comes with a crown, a small toy and some jokes. Even guests have to participate :)

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So after we were all stuffed, we moved on to Christmas gifts. We laughed at how quickly Coen got the hang of opening gifts. The Beagles gave him his first "coming home" gift and he just held it. He had no idea that he needed to unwrap it. Those times are long gone. He can unwrap any gift in about 2 seconds flat!

One guess as to who gave the boys these shirts... ah, it's so true too!

Usually sunglasses give Coen a kind of "Ray Charles" look, but these new shades from GG and the rockin' guitar from Auntie... I'm thinkin' more Lenny Kravitz. I wish I had a video of the way we moves when he is holding this guitar. He owns it!

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GG said...

So much fun was had by all your guests. Coen did indeed make us laugh with his guitar and sunglasses. Ah yes Christmas is so much fun with the little ones. By the way, your table decorations were beautiful. The food was gret and ALL the company was warm and loving.