Saturday, December 3, 2011

When it rains...

The day before Thanksgiving we ended up heading to Statyon to spend the night because our house was full of dehumidifiers and random equipment sucking water out of our hardwood floors. The noise was unbearable and the machines were right in the middle of where we do all of our living. Saturday morning the machines were removed and we were left with a whole in our laundry room floor (soon to be fixed hopefully). Insurance will cover it, after our $1000 deductible. At some point. I'm not exactly understanding what we are waiting on so, I'll be calling AGAIN Monday morning.

Fast forward a little bit and I'm greeted by our neighbor telling me that his kid saw an opossum go under our house. Great, I'll add it to my list. And I did. Today when the pest control guy came he did not have good news for us. Not one, but 3 opossum under our house and they have been busy making a mess down there. An almost $3000 mess. Again, I'm told that insurance will LIKELY cover it, but will cost us the $1000 deductible.

Man.. We are hemorrhaging bills over here this month.

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GG said...

Good grief! Good thing the neighbor saw those mavericks. Things will get better I'm sure but in the meantime you'll have to buy another bag of patience. Hang in there sweetie.