Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letter from Honah

A little background..

It used to be that when Coen would cry and I asked Carter what happened, he would look at me and say "I just hit him" or whatever the case would be. He realized a couple of days ago that he can say "anything... Carter not do anything" instead of coming clean.

So yesterday he tried this with me twice. One of the times he finally gave in and told me that he had "sort-of" bitten Coen. It clearly wasn't a true bit based on Coen's reaction and the absence of marks (not like the bites that Coen gave Carter the first week), but he still needed time-out for the offense. Adding the lying turned time-out into time-out in his room alone. I don't remember the other instance now, but I do remember his lying to daddy when he got home. It went like this:

Chris: Carter, what did you just do?! (Sounding horrified)
Carter: Anything (shrugging his shoulders)
Chris: Carter! You do NOT wipe your nose on your brother's head. His head is NOT a sponge. I saw you do it!

Chris sent him to time out, but mommy jumped in and doubled it to time-out in his room for lying to daddy instead of confessing and apologizing.

It was time for Honah to step in. Carter seemed to understand the letter. He apologized again this morning and asked Honah to tell Santa that he would be good and not lie to mommy and daddy any more. I also heard him telling Auntie all about it today so, I think it has sunk in.. we'll see.


GG said...

Oh dear. What was Mr C's reaction to the note? Wonder how he slept last night.

Grandma J said...

I was thinking the same thing Lou! Update us Heather!!