Friday, December 30, 2011

From the mouths of babes

While we were testing out daddy's new food dehydrator that he got for Christmas, I put on my cute new apron that I got for Christmas. Carter looked at me and smiled and said "super mommy!"

Hmm.. is that all it takes? An apron?

Both boys have been making me smile with all their talking lately. Both are saying please and thank you for EVERYTHING without prompting. Today, Carter even thanked the waitress for brining Coen a new fork: "Tank you for binging my brodder a new fork!" Coen is just blowing out minds with his verbal skills. He not only can say whatever he wants, but he seems to really understand the meanings. He now even asks to be excused from the table when he is done eating and seems to honestly get the concept!

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GG said...

We have very smart little guys in our family. You betcha!