Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting ready for Coen

Like I've said before, Carter goes back-and-forth on what he is prepared to give to Coen. He is pretty much 100% on the nursery being Coen's room, but in getting Carter's old clothes ready for lil' bro Carter had a strong opinion.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$500 for you?

My friend Amy is a contestant in Macy's Million Dollar Makeover and needs your vote. Every time you vote, you are entered to win a $500 gift card to Macy's!!!

Take a minute and vote for Amy!

Easter recap

We love our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Carter really got into this year and completely understood the concept. Pick up 12 eggs and put them in the basket. Then, hurry home and see what kind of candy we got!!!

I thought "nesting" was for pregnant women

Apparently nesting is an instinct for all expectant moms regardless of where her baby is coming from. In the past couple of weeks I have:

Painted the nursery a new color
Rearranged the nursery furniture
Replaced the crib bedding with Carter's old bedding that I love so much

I'll be honest.. I've just out-right completely redecorated the nursery. If you saw it before, you know that it was a very nice nursery. I just had an urge and I can only explain it as a nesting instinct. Luckily, my husband went along with it. I decided on a vintage travel theme partially because Coen will already be a world traveler by the time he sleeps in this room and partially because I had just had the vintage travel themed party when I decided to redo the nursery.

One of the final steps was to figure out the widow treatment. We already have blinds, but the window just needed *something*. Of course my mom knew just what it needed.

1 - 1x4
white paint
burlap stands
"Patio bamboo shade"

Luckily, I had everything except the bamboo shade which cost roughly $20.

You could hang it just as it is, but it was a bit too dark for the room so, I brushed a light coat of white/cream paint on the 3' section I planned to use. I then cut the wire at the 3' mark and attached to a 1 x 4 board. (OK, I had my hubby do this, but I instructed him).

It then took the two of us to screw it into the wall and roll it up with the burlap straps as ties. *Sneak peek at the awesome Africa map*

Word of advice, hire this guy to help. No, he doesn't get much done, but he accepts fishes and crackers as payment and his cuteness is worth every crumb!

More photos of the nursery to come

Monday, April 18, 2011

Not cool

**EDITED: I failed to make it clear that the door did not just lock on it's own. My sweet little man locked me out!

I stepped outside to BBQ some chicken and when I went to go back inside... locked. What?! I couldn't get Carter to come to the door. I ran to front, but I had locked it as well. Man, I need to get better about leaving doors unlocked and the garage open! OK. HIDE-A-KEY!!!! Nope. The lockbox was empty.

Back to the window in the backyard. 15 minutes of back and forth with Carter and he realized that mommy wanted him to unlock the door and not just turn the knob to open it.

I'm in! Yeah!

Now, if you have the hide-a-key, please return it :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A tug on mommy's heart

Whenever the 3 of us sit down to a meal we pray together. Lately, Carter has started saying his own prayer while daddy says one for all of us. It goes something like (in a whisper) "kiki kiki, ummm, kiki um kiki, amen". It is too adorable that he always has his brother on the top of his prayer list!

Nit, come!

So sad! Uncle Nick is in town ever so briefly and stopped by on Thursday to say hi to Carter. Ever since, Carter will randomly call out for "Nit". Sorry that the video is sideways...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You should see the other guy!

Err... umm... I mean, the curb.

Just as I was thinking that I was waaaayyy too over protective sitting outside as Carter played with the older kids - BAM! Tears, blood, and panicked children. Those poor kids! They were being so careful with their tiniest playmate and then he gets hurt anyway!

I think the tears were mostly out of shock that he misstepped and fell off the curb and then the tears really started coming when I picked him up to clean him off. The thought that mommy was putting an end to his playing had him pretty upset. We got him cleaned up and back to play he went. The entire thing lasted about 2.5 minutes.

**Note: around his mouth is pasta sauce, but all the red on his nose are little cuts and scabs and oh, Lordy! That goose egg on his forehead!

Coolest kid on the block

Since we moved into our house over a year ago, Carter has loved watching the big kids play outside. He just stands be the front window watching them play hide and seek or "hoops". As far as I know, Carter is the only little guy on our street. It think the next youngest is about 5 or 6.

Recently, the little boy across the street has been playing with Carter any time he is outside with Chris doing yard work. Well, the other night during dinner we had a knock at our door. Chris answered it and saw a group of kids asking "Can Carter play?" We finished dinner and invited them in to play in the playroom. Today the sun finally came out so the I knew who was at our door this time. 4 kids asking if Carter could come OUTSIDE to play! It is so funny to watch them all follow him around shouting his name. They give him a ball and cheer him on when he throws it. I mean, he's got his own cheerleading team on our street!

A first

We had an early morning at The Roberts' House. At about 5 a.m. Chris and I both shot up in bed to Carter screaming for me. The weird part was that we didn't hear him through the monitor. It sounded like he was in the hallway. Chris jumped up and opened our door and sure enough, Carter was in the hallway. The darkness of the house must have thrown him off.

He joined us in our bed for the next 40 minutes while we all pretended to get a little more sleep. Before last night, he has never climbed out of his bed. He didn't even climb out of his crib before we moved him to his new room. We have bed rails on his twin bed since it is pretty high up, but he just hasn't ever attempted it.

It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

The boys' room

The pillows have arrived and they are even better than I could have imagined! I asked that they have the colors in the big boy room since I plan to move Coen in with Carter when he is ready. Aren't they too perfect?!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hide and seek for a 2 year old

RIGHT before I took this picture, I said something to the effect of "I wish we hadn't taught him to play hide-n-seek. Now I'm going to have to FIND him throughout the day."

Turns out it isn't so hard to find him :)