Friday, January 29, 2010

What walkers are made for

I've been thinking about getting Carter a little shopping cart lately. I know, I know. It's not exactly the toy you'd think I'd be wanting to go out and get for him, but... lately he's been wanting to transport items. Here he is transporting his maraca from the playroom to the living room.

Do you see it on there? He places it there ever so carefully and then tries to make it all the way to the living room without it falling off. It's quit the mess when he wants to move his blocks out there. Any walker will do. He prefers the blue one for transporting his blanket.

Just seems like it would be a little easier with a little shopping cart.


"Hey Mom, I'm going out to play!"

Walking update

Inquirying minds want to know - "Since he took his big first steps, has he done it again?"

Ummm. Yes! He went straight from a couple of steps to walking all over the place! I guess maybe I should have counted those earlier steps.

He was a riot at Gymboree this week, walking all over. Kerrie described it best when she told Will that "Frankenstein is coming to play with you" as carter wandered his way with his arms out for balance.

He not only walks, he can also walk to a toy, squat down and pick it up. Then, tonight he realized that he can just stand right up with out pulling up on anything. (Sorry about the camera angle - I had to hide the camera so that he'd keep doing what he was doing)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabelle!

Our Sweet Isabelle is one year old today! This day last year was a busy one for us. Carter was baptized and we were surrounded by family at the Roberts' house when we got the call from TJ telling us that they were at the hospital. Hours upon hours upon hours later - well, it seems like hours and hours - we got the call that the little miss had finally decided to make her debut.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First steps.. It's been hard to decide what actually constitutes "first steps." If it is just the first step or two they take, then we have to count the day we got back from Hawaii and Auntie Lindsey SWEARS she saw him take 3 steps in the kitchen. Or, Christmas Day when Auntie J and cousin Keri saw him take a few steps at Grandma J's. Maybe the couple he took at Gymboree last week?

See, the problem is, as soon as he realizes that he isn't holding on to something or someone, he sits down. So, I haven't wanted to count those "first steps." They seemed accidental. I wanted to count his first steps as the first steps he wanted to take.

And so, I give you his first steps (OK - we know Auntie probably saw him do it sooner, but she was kind enough to lie to us and say she didn't).

Sorry for the lousy video. I did it on my phone since the camera was out-of-reach

Travelocity nome or Carter Roberts?

We're back from my mini-vacation in Palms Springs, but it was Carter who really had a vacation. Oh the places he's been! Auntie Lindsey kept us updated with emails and photos and if you know Auntie, you know they were hilarious. It was just like the travelocity nome. See for yourself.

"It's 6am. Do you know where your baby is?"

Yes, it really was 6am. Apparently he got up much earlier than usual and Auntie and Uncle Auggie decided they'd just go to an early (a very early) breakfast. He's still in his PJs.

"Running away from a bath"

He loves to climb up in this chair in his room. He hasn't done it naked before, but there's a 1st time for everything.

Using chopsticks at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend with Auntie

I decided very last minute to join Chris in Palm Springs for a little r & r - for me, not for Chris, he's working. My dream of a sister offer to watch Carter for us with some help from Gramma Cupcake! It looks like he is having quite the time watching all three of her dogs!

Seriously, look how much fun he is having! He doesn't even notice that mommy is gone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun photos

**EDITED to add close-up of "the hair"

Just a couple of photos that made me laugh..

A bad hair day

A day in mom's shoes

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One of those days... or weeks

Carter has started something new. He's not talking really, he just screams at the top of his lungs and when I look at him, she gently points to what he wants and smiles. I think he honestly thinks this is an appropriate way to communicate with me.

A friend sent this link to me and it just reminds me of how this last week went..

Living the good life

In case you were wondering, no, we haven't forgotten about Mona! We just got another update yesterday and thought we'd share.

If you thought we spoiled her, you should see her now. Her breakfast is cooked for her. Yes, I said "cooked" for her. She has another dog her size to play with and enjoys ganging up on the cat. We miss her terribly, but I know we made the right decision. She has to be so much happier!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been a little stressed lately by Carer's lack of vocabulary. He is so lazy that he just points when he wants something and apparently, he got his laziness from us because instead of taking the time to encourage him to ask for something, when he points, we just give him what we know he wants.

We know it's not his hearing because he does actions on command without hand gestures. "clap" "knock" "bye-bye" (waves) "no" (Stops what he is doing and gives mommy a sinister look). So, I guess it goes back to how brilliant he is. Work smarter, not harder, right?

So, I've been trying to hard to get him to say something and today he DID! He had some oatmeal and half a banana at breakfast and when I went to put the other half in the fridge, he pointed up to it and said "nana!"

I, of course, quickly said, "Yes! Nana! Ba-nana! You want some nana?!" and gave him some more.

When he was bored with it all, I put him in his playroom and frantically called Chris to tell him. He was equally - ok, maybe not equally, but almost as excited as I was.

Ahhh.. Now I can relax a little bit.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Go Izzie! Go Izzie! Go!

We just love keeping up with the Buxtons via their blog. Carter gets a big kick out of watching Isabelle on video. And, as we all know, he get a kick out of anything that has a beat (even Auntie Storm saying "clap, clap, clap") Here he is enjoying one of his favorite clips.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning new things

While other babies his age are focusing on learning to walk and talk, Carter has decided to focus on more boyish important things.

I'm not exactly sure what he is trying to accomplish with the tongue action, but boy is he working at it! The nose, well, I don't think that was planned.

Lordy! I need another girl in this house!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hawaii '09

I can't believe that Hawaii is already over and gone. We waited so long for the trip and then it just flew by! I posted some of my favorite pictures here, but here are a couple of teasers!

Carter and Grandpa dress alike day

Carter trying on Isabelle's hula skirt

Carter and Uncle Nick look alike day

Saturday, January 2, 2010

While mommy is away...

the boys get to business!

I had such a great day. I had a girls' day with one of my best friends and it was great! We had lunch, we shopped, we chatted and I didn't change a single diaper.

My amazing husband had a guys' day.. with little man. By the looks of the toy room, they had quite a bit of fun, but I did saying he was amazing and an amazing husband/dad does more than just watch the baby and play with him. This amazing husband of mine hung a chandelier over our bed that I just adore and to do so, he packed up little man and made a trip to Home Depot.

I got this sweet photo in an email while I was out today.

I'm not done yet. He also made time and found energy to clean up our garage some more (with all the boxes, we are having to constantly reorganize). So, while I thought while I was away the boys would play, my amazing husband did that AND much more. Love you babe!

**Photos of the chandelier to come when the room is finished shortly :)

Christmas Day

After 8 a.m. mass on Christmas Day morning, our little Roberts family headed south to the bigger Roberts Family gathering held at Grandma J and Grandpa Roger's which was previously Grandpa Roger's parents' home. A few of his sisters and some of their families joined in for a yummy potluck with way too much food!

The next morning Carter had a blast playing with some of daddy's old toys and watching home videos of daddy when he was Carter's age.

Here are Carter and Daddy watching Daddy and Grandma on TV!

One of newest things he has picked up.

When you say hello, he does this:

Can you hear me now?

How 'bout now?

Dad, it must be for you.

I think he had the most fun watching the cat. No, I don't normally let my child wonder around (even in doors) in just a diaper in the middle of winter. We just changed his diaper when some said "Carter, look at the kitty" to which he raced to the glass door knowing that is where she always is. I just could interrupt his fun for something as silly as clothes!

The big birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting photos from the big party! We had Carter's 1st birthday party on December 19th - the day after we got home from Hawaii at close to midnight!! Thanks to the Grandmas who took photos for us when our photographer flaked.

Let's see... First, we opened a ton of presents. Thank goodness that Will and Isabelle were there to help Carter because without them, we never would have gotten them all open.

Then... well, then there was the "incident". Little man was excited to try out his new cozy coupe that the Westlunds' got him.

His buddy Will tried to get his attention by giving his hair a little tug.

And then it happened, the saddest little meltdown you ever did see!

Thank goodness there was still cake! Cake can make any boo boo better!

Grandma Cupcake was in charge of the cake and surprised us all with on of her best ever. The theme was The Polar Express so she found the most perfect little train and turned it into the Polar Express itself! Just look at the snow on the train and the cool edible trees. The train even had a whistle that blew for affect.

I expected Carter to dance to his birthday song as he does whenever he even thinks he hears the beginning of any sort of music, but he seemed a bit confused by so many people singing to him so, he just sat there.

I also thought he'd jump right into the cake, but he was timid there as well. Once I helped him out, he was all about the Grandma's cake!

Thank you to everyone who made it to the party! We know it can be hard around the holidays and even harder for those who just got back from Hawaii the night before!

For record keeping's sake attendees included:

GG Lois
GG Lou
Papa and Neta
Grandma Cupcake
Grandma J and Grandpa Roger
Uncle TJ, Aunt Storm and Isabelle
Uncle Nick
Aunt Kellie
Cierra Westlund
AJ Westlund and Lillie
The Dawsons
The Bonners
Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Auggie