Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carter is hungry

Auntie Lindsey has decided that Carter is "freakishly brilliant". One of her examples: at 2 months he already knows that a bib means he is going to get to eat (he actually learned this at 1 month).

Splish splash

We had some fun in the tub today

Then we tried Carter's new "skater" look (outfit courtesy of Auntie Lindsey). What do you think?

Little Izzie

Carter's cousin was born the day of his baptism weighing less than 7 lbs. We've only seen a few photos since she lives in Reno, but she is just the cutest little thing! Here are a couple pictures of Isabelle (Izzie) Buxton ~ don't you just LOVE the name?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GG is in the house!

We're already having so much fun!

oh my!

Great-Grandma Lou (GG) has been working on Carter's baby quilt for what seems like an eternity (sorry Grandma). She arrived today to visit Little Man and presented him with the highly anticipated quilt. All I can say is "oh my!" It is one of the most amazing quilts I've ever seen. You can see that every little detail was lovingly attended to.

The best part was the back side which has photos of most of the family. This is such a special quilt that he will treasure always!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Noisy little guy

The title says it all.. Even when he sleeps, he is noisy.

Babies everywhere

The day that Carter was born, some friends were also expecting to have a baby. Their baby, Reagan, decided to come 10 days early. This was their first date, er... meeting - when Carter was about 1 month. She weighed just 7 lbs 9 ounces and he was already over 10 lbs. The proud grandmas each held the other's grandbaby.

Just a week or so later, I found out that my cousin Heath just had his first baby as well. Hayden Haze was born January 6th weighing 8 lbs 1 ounce, just like Carter! Here are the boys when they met for dinner.

He's got mommy's double chin

Here are some recent photos of Carter. Looks like he got the baby fat from mommy including the double chin

Here I am:

Here is Carter. Don't you just want to kiss on those cheeks? (His shirt says "lock up your daughters" - purchased by daddy)

The next few are a few weeks old:

Listen, dad. I'll tell YOU when I'm going to go to bed.

Exhausted after helping mommy do some chores

Mom of an 8 week-old

Sorry for the delay in posting. I'm the mom of an 8 week-old. Translation: I struggle to find time to shower and do all of the extra laundry (Carter uses cloth diapers) let alone post on a blog.

I'll try to make up for it now with a few posts - as long as little man doesn't wake up while I'm posting!

Lately Carter has been trying desperately to stay awake through his morning nap. He gets up, has breakfast, gets a new diaper and then exhausts himself trying to stay awake. My only weapon? The swing. It is the only thing that relaxes him enough to let him give into the urge and fall asleep - of course, the Today show must be on so that he doesn't think he is alone. Something new: after falling asleep, he places hands up on the tray as if he is on a roller coaster. He must be having a good time in his dreams!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The baptism

Carter was baptized this past Tuesday - we did it on Tuesday when Grandpa Roger was receiving a very special award at mass and therefore, auntie Kellie and uncle Nick would already be taking the day off and traveling to Stayton. Here are a couple of picture that I was able to take. In the first photo, he was my perfect little man in the same baptism outfit that daddy wore when he was baptized.

In the second photo, he realized that he looked too good in his outfit and decided to fix the problem by kicking off his shoes.

Once the shoes were off, he relaxed a bit and even managed to give us a little smile

By the end of the day, he was exhausted and it showed.