Saturday, May 30, 2009

105th post

Wow - I somehow missed the big 1-0-0, but apparently, THIS is our 105th post. I can't believe how much time has passed since we decided to start a blog to keep all of your out-of-towners in the loop. I hope you enjoy all the updates of our big little man. It has been fun for us to look back to when we started this - back when he was just "peanut"
With daddy out of town, we decided to head to Beaverton today to see Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Auggie. We walked from their house to Farmers Market and Carter had a blast playing in the grass.

It's HOT!!!!

We've been in the 80s here for a few days now. Even the onesie had to go today.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Boys day in

Carter invited Will over today to hang out. We usually meet him and his mommy at a park to walk or at a restaurant for lunch so, the boys don't really get to interact too much. This time, they came to our house and the boys got to sit with each other.

Overall, they weren't too impressed. That kid in the mirror is still Carter's favorite, but I'm sure he and Will are going to be great friends.

What's a Bumbo??

This is a bumbo and it is awesome! It totally keeps Carter sitting upright which means mom isn't worried about him falling over and he gets a whole new view of the world!

On a little of a downside, it means he doesn't have to work as hard to be steady and can focus on picking stuff up and putting it in his mouth like the box or Orajel sitting next to him on the counter in this photo..

Another visit will Miss Ella

We had such a good time hanging with Ella at her new place in North Portland. At 95 she is so limber! Just look at her leaning back on the bed to be at Carter's eye level!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One more update

Carter has been such a fussy-butt the past few days, even waking up in the middle night screaming for no apparent reason, so we took him to the doctor on Tuesday. As always, he was all smiles for Dr. Voytas and was excited to show off his roll-over-to-tummy move. The doctor said that nothing was wrong him "must have been gas". Part relieved (since nothing was wrong) and part frustrated (since he was still being fussy and now it seems that he is just being a bit of a jerk and worrying me for nothing), we left the office.

At least we got to find out his weight at 5 months.... 17lbs 13 oz. So, he gained less than a pound this month, but grew an inch to 26.5 inches

4 pounds or 2.5 inches until we have to give up the nice portable car seat

Carter's first trip to the lake

Over Memorial Day weekend, Carter finally go to see what we have all been telling him about - Grandma and Grandpa's house at Detroit Lake! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so, this is the only shot I got with my phone. Hopefully Grandma J will come through with some captured memories for us.

Carter had a great time. He got to see little miss Reagan Smith twice and boy was she taken with him! She couldn't take her eyes off of him and kept trying to grab hold. The gentleman that he is, he played it very cool and kept his hands to himself.

We're sitting....almost

Carter is getting so close to sitting by himself. He actually did it the other day while he was hanging out with Mr. Monkey for about 10 seconds - if you have ever seen a baby sit by himself for the first time you know that 10 seconds is a LONG time :) Of course, mom didn't have her camera ready for the unassisted sit, so this picture will have to do.

Needing some stimulation

Here is Chris' latest attempt to entertain little man. He seemed to really like being Superman!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Starting to feel like a home

Ever so slowly we are making our house our home. When we moved in, the entire house was painted "contractor's white" or beige. Of course, the nursery was completed a while back and we had a couple of accent walls in the living room, but it wasn't until Mother's Day that we painted the walls and the furniture in the guest room (pictures to come) and today - with the help of Grandma Cupcake, we tackled the kitchen.. Carter was absolutely no help this time. I guess he is burnt out from the guest room.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Did you see this?

Hurry! You can still get a peek at Chris' big news AND acceptance speech online at:

nothing new

I know some of you check us out daily, but I don't have too much to share right now. Maybe a visit to my mom's site will hold you over...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Introducing the 2009 CFO of the year...

He did it! He did it! I can't even put into words how proud I am of Chris! All those long hours and business trips without recognition - not any more!

I got to attend the lunch held at the Governors Hotel in downtown Portland hosted by the Portland Business Journal. Chris' parents and sister Kellie also got to attend along with some of his team from Audigy Group. Chris was by far the youngest candidate with the least years of experience, but as they started to introduce the finalists for his category (small businesses with revenues under $10 million) and we realized they weren't talking about Chris, we KNEW he had won. It was so exciting that I can't even describe it.

He gave a brief, but professional acceptance speech and calmly returned to our table where the rest of us were trying not to scream out loud! Ah, what a day!

** Sorry if you can't read the article. I tried to find it online, but it isn't available - it might be in the next edition, this was a special edition given out at the lunch

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is he standing in that picture?!

I know some of you were a bit shocked to see Carter standing all by himself when he was helping us paint. Of course he was really by himself. He locks his knees and supports his weight, but his top have bops around so, daddy was holding him by the overalls. I just thought it would be funny to crop out his arm.

Chris took it a step further with his editing of the picture above. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Auntie Kellie's big day

Auntie Kellie played her very last softball game for OSU on Saturday. It was the perfect day for a game, sunny and warm! Kellie got to start and in true Roberts family fashion, Kellie's fans took up about 1/4 of the stadium. When she was introduced onto the field, it was quite a show to see so many familiar faces cheering her on. There were cousins, aunts & uncles, 2nd cousins, step-cousins, grandparents, and of course, one nephew.

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

This was the best mother's day ever and it has nothing to with the fact that it is my first!

I woke up to Carter chatting away in his room and when I went in to say good morning I was greeted with the biggest smile - I suddenly was happy to be up at 6 a.m. We played a little bit while daddy got me some coffee and then gave me not one, but two cards. Turns out my child is "freakishly brilliant" like aunty has thought all along. He gave me a card today and just look how he customized it. I must have laughed for a good 10 minutes straight!

All I wanted to do today was paint our guest room so, the boys hung out quite a bit while I got to work. Daddy helped a lot and even Carter took a stab at painting. Of course, he had to be prepared in his painting overalls and choo-choo bandana (a.k.a. choo-choo burpee).

We finished the day with dinner with Grandma J, Grandpa Roger and uncle Nick. Such a nice day. Such a nice weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our first solids

A find at Michael's

Normally I HATE to go to Michael's. Every time I leave I swear that I will never go back, but I always find myself lured back in there. This time it was for an amazing deal on picture frames (40% off and then another 25% off coupon).

Even better - I found this amazing family tree frame ON CLEARANCE and they gave me an additional 40% off with another coupon.

Walking in daddy's shoes

Just like the title suggests:

These shoes fit him a bit better:

A day at the tulip festival

ok. Maybe not a "day". Actually, it was about 15 minutes. We drove all the way to Woodburn and by the time we got there, it was cold and raining, but we did manage a few photos.