Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never really been a big deal for us - Chris and I. Maybe it's because our anniversary used to be January 25th (when we started dating) and celebrating again 2 weeks later followed by my birthday a week later was a bit much. Now, our anniversary is just 2 weeks after my birthday so, we're kind of in the same boat. Three "celebrations" within one month. We did take advantage of a babysitting offer this year and had a date of a movie and buying of kitchen appliances (I know, real romantic), but it was more of a date away from Carter than a celebrating of Valentine's Day.

We're thinking this upcoming Valentine's Day will give us more reason to celebrate. Come to think of it, we'll be celebrating February 14th for the rest of our lives if all goes as planned.

That's right. We're expecting! And, in true Roberts fashion, our baby is due on a holiday. I'm crossing my fingers that it really does come on Valentine's Day so that Carter and his brother/sister can complain together about people celebrating a holiday on THEIR birthday.

As the doctor said, it is too early to buy paint, but we had an ultrasound and everything is going as it should. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we are on pins and needles the next few weeks.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My famous baby

So Auntie Lindsey and I are strolling through Monticello Antique mall and this lady comes up to us.

Lady: "Excuse me. I'm sorry to bug you, but... does your mom have a blog?"

Auntie: "Oh, yeah. You recognize Carter?"

Lady: "Yes! He is so cute! I'm not a blogger, but I read blogs and I read your mom's"

There you have it. Famous baby.

No no!

I just had to share. I was doing my daily blog reading when I suddenly realized that my washing machine had turned on. Weird! I don't remember starting any laundry.... Carter! I turned around to see him sprinting from the laundry room, apparently scared by what he had just done by pushing a few buttons.

I turned off the washer and using my finger, did the total mom "no, no! That is a no, no Carter!"

Carter responded by waving his finger and shaking his head at the washer saying "no, no, no"

:) My sweet little talking man!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 months

I have a 1 1/2 year old. I cannot believe it! The past year and half has gone by so fast and yet, I can't imagine my life as it was 1 1/2 years +1 day ago. Was I really able to just "run to the store" without packing snacks, a sippy cup and a baby?

Little man isn't too little anymore. He's 33" long (75% = tall) and 24.3 lbs (50% = skinny).

So THAT'S why I can't find clothes that fit. 18 months clothing is for 31-33", but are for babies that weigh 27lbs so, when I put them on him, they just slide down. The 12 months are too short, but fit the waist fine. Thank goodness we are getting into hot weather finally ~ he looks cute enough in a shirt and a diaper.

Daddy is home

Only a daddy would think of putting his child in a grocery bag to play.

More lessons

GG taught Carter all sorts of things while she was here. One, was this:

She would put one stuffed animal on each stool and count them to him as she did it. So, of course, we now start every morning with Carter (all by himself) putting one stuffed animal on each stool. The above photo was actually taken yesterday. He even made sure they were facing the right direction. Should I be worried about OCD this early?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

No pictures. Sorry. It's all I can do to take a minute to write. We've had house guests that last 3 nights and company all day. We also had our huge neighborhood garage sale on Saturday which was a huge success! Our garage is basically empty now and Chris has it looking AMAZING!!!!!

So, I had to share. GG Lou is in town and she keeps trying to tell me that Carter is talking to her every time I leave the room. Once he told her to "push" the button on the remote to turn on the TV for him. Then, she swears he asked for "juice". Crazy Grandma. That's what I thought and to be honest, that's what I said to her. I think exactly that - "Grandma, you're crazy"

Then, tonight, as we went to take Carter upstairs he walked into the kitchen, saw his juice on the counter, pointed and said "joooz, joooz, joooz". I hushed him, after all, daddy was talking. Then it hit me! "He just said JUICE! Did you hear him?"

Seriously, how long has he been saying "juice"? I know he completely understands everything I say - he responds to any command (get your milk, go to your highchair, let's go upstairs, where's your toolbox?), but every time we try to get him to SAY something, he just gives us a blank stare.

Carter's words:
"nana" - banana: means any kind of food
"dis" - this: randomly points to something, says something followed by "dis"
"DA!" - Dog: used only when he sees a dog while pointed and yelling excitedly (even if he sees one on TV)
"joooz" - juice!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

My buddies

Carter got a new toy yesterday. Since we haven't bought him a single
toy since Christmas, I figured he deserved a little something. His new
Handy Manny toolbox has all of his favorite characters and he won't
let them out of his sight! He takes turns holding a different tool
while watching Manny on TV.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bronson Cole Buxton

Meet our nephew, Bronson Cole Buxton. Isn't he just perfect! Only 6
lbs 3 oz - I can't believe I have to wait a month to kiss his little
cheeks. I love him so much already!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


We gave him a napkin and after wiping his face, he neatly tucked it in
his lap!

Busy busy day at the Roberts' House. Daddy worked in the yard all day long while mommy got the garage organized for our upcoming garage sale. Chris decided to cut out about 2 ft all the way around our yard to make it easier to mow and make it look better. I'm so glad he did! It looks great!

Carter pitched in and did his part. Daddy would hand him a clump of grass/dirt and direct him to put it in a bucket. He would then come right back for his next clump. He did so well! When he got tired of that, we pointed out all the birds to us.

Here he is getting ready to go outside - mommy had to cover him in sunblock (Whoo hoo!! Sun in the pacific NW)

Friday, June 4, 2010

My summer reading list

I recently found this amazing woman from a blog from another blog from another blog - you get the picture. Anyway, when I found her, she was the mom of 5 (yes that if FIVE) boys. As of today, she is the proud mama to 5 boys and a darling little angel girl.

Her blog is great, but leaves you wanting more. Luckily, she has a book now! I recently sent it to my sister-in-law who is expecting her first little boy and am now kicking myself that I didn't buy a copy so, I've decided to treat myself to one for my summer reading.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend spent up at Detroit Lake! We had the added bonus of it being Chris' birthday on Saturday so, we got cake! Chris isn't a huge cake fan, but LOVES ice cream so, I made an ice cream cake that was pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself. Everyone was asking for the recipe so, here it is:

Ice Cream Cake Recipe Ingredients

1 package Oreo cookies
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 gallon of your favorite flavor of ice cream (I used mint chocolate chip, but cookies n' cream is great too)
1 Tub of cool whip

I used a 9 x 11 pan, but you could do anything smaller as well

* Let the ice cream soften for a while or use the microwave
* Let the cool whip soften
* Place the cookies in a large Ziploc bag. Using a rolling pin (or anything), crush the cookies into crumbs.
* Pour the crumbs into a bowl and mix them with the melted butter. Press this mixture into the bottom of the pan.
* Stir the softened Ice Cream in a large bowl and then spread over the crust
* If you want, you can then drizzle hersey's chocolate syrup over the ice cream (I recommend this!)
* Put the pan in the freezer to let it harden
* Spread the softened cool whip over the top and put it back in the freezer

Serve to a happy crowd who gushes "YOU made this? How did you make this?"

New moves

Our little dancing queen machine is on the move again. Honestly, the moment he hears the first beat of any type of music (even a jingle on a commercial will do) he is moving! He recently added some new moves including the arm waves, circles, and has even added props to his routine.

Look our J.T. here comes C.R.

Special thanks to Grandma J for providing video, GG for providing the tapes (yes, I said tapes, not CDs or MP3s) of the same music we listened to as kids, and Auntie Lindsey for providing a tape player!

Sorry about the video quality. I used my Iphone since the minute I get out my camera, he stops dancing and wants the camera.