Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy busy day at the Roberts' House. Daddy worked in the yard all day long while mommy got the garage organized for our upcoming garage sale. Chris decided to cut out about 2 ft all the way around our yard to make it easier to mow and make it look better. I'm so glad he did! It looks great!

Carter pitched in and did his part. Daddy would hand him a clump of grass/dirt and direct him to put it in a bucket. He would then come right back for his next clump. He did so well! When he got tired of that, we pointed out all the birds to us.

Here he is getting ready to go outside - mommy had to cover him in sunblock (Whoo hoo!! Sun in the pacific NW)


A Cottage Industry said...

The yard looks great and Carter is adorable in that hat!

GG said...

Love his hat. Oh those big beautiful eyes are too much. He'll fighting the girls off sooner than we thought.