Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our new office

Before I new that we would be going to Ghana so soon, I decided to keep myself busy with home projects. Our office was fine before, but we never used it. If I needed to sew or do a craft with Carter, we would use the dining room table. Chris preferred the couch with his laptop to work and that usually didn't work so, he'd go into his work office.

Since we made the changes, we have used this room more in the past 3 weeks than we have in the entire year we lived here. It's fun to have the 3 of us all together working, blogging and playing with play-doh.

Mom posted some photos on her blog.

Our new office!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The only child

Dear God,
Please send us a brother or sister for Carter ASAP. We are a bit worried that he thinks he is the center of the universe.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I thought i had until kindergarden for this. He has also started wiping kisses off his face so please don't be offended if he does this to you. He has already removed a few of Grandma Cupcake's kisses.

Carter's day

Things have been a bit hectic lately with our adoption, the Ujima Care fundraiser, and a fiasco with California Closets (more later). Poor little man hasn't seen another kid his age in about 2 weeks. So today I deemed to be "Carter Day" and it has been the best day I've had in quite a while.

To start, Mr. Sleepyhead decided to just sleep the morning away which meant that I got a shower and a cup of coffee before I finally went in and woke him a little after 8. We then had some breakfast and were off to the local "read and play" at the elementary school near us. This program is AWESOME! It is put on by the library and is FREE! They actually have it everyday at a different school, today it was at the school that is closest to us so we popped in.

Johanna led the group, reading books and singing songs. Carter loved every bit of it! Any time any music would start he was up on his feet and dancing. Some songs included shakers or bells and I was beyond proud that my child was the ONLY one to walk up and say "PEEAZ" (please) when it was his turn to get his instrument from Johanna. She loved it and thanked him each time for being so polite.

It was amazing to see how much he has changed into a little man. He is such a good boy! I mean, I know, I'm with him EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY, but with things being crazy, we haven't been out in groups much lately so, it was fun to see what a GOOD boy he is out in public. If I ask him to do something, he does it immediately. He played with some toys and then put them back before moving on to a new toy. He shared with other kids and didn't freak out when the other kids misbehaved and snatched a toy from him. He just looked appalled and moved along to something else with an attitude of "That kid is mean, let's get away from him."

There was another little guy there that I assumed was months younger than Carter given that he wasn't listening to anything Johanna told him. She had to scold him for trying to take the book she was reading to the group since, you know, he had one of those moms who just sat their watching. When I talked with the mom later, it turn out that her little guy was a couple weeks older than Carter. Made me realize again, what a good boy Carter has become. There was another mom there that I remember from a moms' group when our kids were just weeks old. She has a little girl and we just did not click at the time. I just felt like she was kind of a know-it-all mom, critiquing everything everyone else was doing with their newborn. As petty as it sounds, I got a kick out of her daughter sucking a way on a newborn pacifier. That thing did not leave her mouth the entire time we were there.

One of the cutest things, after being there for an hour and a half, he decided he was all done. He put his toy away and then grabbed my hand and waved and said "bye bye" to Johanna. Yep, time to go.

So, off we went to Panera Bread to share a sandwhich. Again, he did everything mommy asked him including staying with me while I ordered and sitting still in the booth while I went to grab our food (yes, he was still in plain sight). We got home and enjoyed and episode of "mic mic" A.K.A. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is his new FAVORITE show. Sorry Manny, I've tried offering you to him, but he chooses "mic mic" A.K.A. "hot dog" now. This cracks me up! At the end of every episode, Mickey and the gang sing a song. Now, throughout the day, you can find Carter saying "hot dog" repeatedly and dancing a bit. It sounds nothing like the song, but I'm sure in his head, he sings it perfectly. If anyone is ever at our house and he requests HOT DOG he means this show.

Ahhh.. so much fun already! He's napping now so I wanted to be sure to get this all on the blog.

Shout out to my amma!

Play time at the park

Last week we finally had a nice sunny day out so Carter and I decided to hit the park and go for a walk. We had so much fun even though all the play equipment was wet.

Carter insisted he needed to go down the slide. His soaking wet pants didn't see to bother him much, but he decided he didn't need to go down the slide again.

We took the long way home and enjoyed rock hunting. He squeals with delight when he sees rocks, but he is so good to listen to mommy when I tell him he can only pick one. He then carries it along until he sees another rock and then spends a good 30 seconds deciding if this new rock is better and thus worth giving up the old one since he can only have one. Whichever one makes it home, gets to be places with the others from our walks (in our flowerbed).

Obviously, his wet/dirty pants came right off when we got home.