Friday, February 4, 2011

Play time at the park

Last week we finally had a nice sunny day out so Carter and I decided to hit the park and go for a walk. We had so much fun even though all the play equipment was wet.

Carter insisted he needed to go down the slide. His soaking wet pants didn't see to bother him much, but he decided he didn't need to go down the slide again.

We took the long way home and enjoyed rock hunting. He squeals with delight when he sees rocks, but he is so good to listen to mommy when I tell him he can only pick one. He then carries it along until he sees another rock and then spends a good 30 seconds deciding if this new rock is better and thus worth giving up the old one since he can only have one. Whichever one makes it home, gets to be places with the others from our walks (in our flowerbed).

Obviously, his wet/dirty pants came right off when we got home.

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GG said...

Well, well, he finally tried the swing again. Was it a short lived swing? Harder to slide down the slide with wet britches. I remember someone else was a rock collector for awhile. It must be fun to be 2.