Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new patio

We're starting the paver patio today and Carter is loving watching it
all happen!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A baby in the house

I have no clue what prompted him to do this. Just yesterday we got to see a 3 month old baby and he picked up her pacifier and put it into her mouth (probably because he has seen Isabelle to it for Bronson). Anyway, he had no desire to put it in his own mouth. Then today, he got into his drawer of sippy cups and bowls and at the back was a pacifier that we never could get him to take when he was small. Next thing I know, it is in his mouth.

It keeps falling out since he doesn't know what to do with it. Most of the time it is upside-down in his mouth and I think he is biting it to keep it in. I snagged it when it fell out one time and hid it. He didn't even care that I took it - THANK GOODNESS!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We decided last minute to head to the lake this weekend. Our good
friends Bill & Nicole joined us for the day. Notice Nicole's adorable
baby bump (she on the same track I was on with Carter - due around

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A quick trip to Target to get Auntie some filing folders.... Ummm.

Yes, we live in the NW

If you're not sure, checkout the tree-huggin' recycling truck Lego toy
Auntie bought Carter :)

This is new

Usually he isn't a fan of a bib, but this morning, he went to his
drawer in the kitchen, grabbed this one and brought it to me to put
on. I guess he had some serious breakfast plans!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prepare to LOL

This video makes me almost want a minivan. Hey, I said ALMOST!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Retail therapy that keeps on giving

As with the last pregnancy loss, Carter got some new toys recently
just because... well, it makes mommy feel better to watch him get
excited and play. Isabell had one of these when we saw her last and
Carter really liked it so, I knew just what to get him!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Gap, my new favorite store

So, I have a Gap card. I got lured in once upon a time with the whole, "you know, if you open a Gap card today you'll save an additional 20%!!". Now, that said, I actually do not regret opening this card. At least once a month, I get an email offering me 20 or 30% off my purchase just because I have the card.

I usually don't fall for it. In fact, I usually delete the email. Yesterday however, well yesterday was different. The title of the email they sent was "A Free Pair of Pants for You." Ok, I'll bite. What is it - buy one get one free? NOPE! It was just flat out get a pair of black pants free.

Then, in the mail on the same day, we got a coupon for 40% off our total purchase. That was it, they had me. I mean, seriously 40% off AND free pants. So, I dragged my boys along and sure enough, I got a pair of black pants (retail 59.99) for FREE and I even got to choose between 5 different styles of black pants!!!! We also found a few other items to be sure to take advantage of the 40% off deal.

So, long story kind of short, their marketing worked - we spent money when we otherwise would not have done so! But, the Gap card really is worth it. Did I mention they give you discounts at Old Navy too?

Sara Bareilles

Yep. That's her. Lindsey won tickets from the radio station for a private concert. I know, you're not surprised that she won. Things like that just seem to happen to my sister! How lucky am I that I was on her guest list?! We got to the Barrel Room at about 3:15 since the doors opened at 3:30 (we wanted to be there early to get good seats and BOY did it pay off).

So, the doors open and we got the table RIGHT in front of the piano. I mean we could have reached up and touched her -actually, we did touch her when we got our PICTURE TAKEN WITH HER THANK-YOU-VERY-MUCH!!! (photo to come early next week when the radio station posts it online).

She was super nice to all..umm.. there may have been 17 of us in the room and we had an amazing time!

Fun at Lowe's

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Something new

Look closely. He is holding his diaper in his hand. Umm hmm... Guess
he took it off at nap time and was trying to
put it back on when I walked in.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boy oh Barnhouse boys!

The Barnhouse boys had their annual fair this past weekend and it was SOOOOO worth getting up at the crack of dawn and driving half an hour to attend. First of all, mom had a booth so, it was already worth going, but it was even better since I got to go in a little early to "help" her and get dibs on my favorite items from my favorite booths.

Worthy Goods: LOVE these gals. They have a booth at Monticello and we must have at least 4 of their homemade adorable pillows on our bed and in our living room. At Barnhouse, I scored this amazing chair with its handmade with ruffles slipcovered cushion! Thank goodness they let me buy it before the fair had officially opened because the next few hours I saw numerous people lured into their booth by it. So sad to see their disappointment when they saw it was already sold. OK. Not really that sad.

Retreat: Oh, Bob and Deb! They never disappoint. Always amazing stuff for sale and always an amazing display. This time I bought 4 - Yes, 4 - lamps. Extreme? Just wait.... All 4 are now in our bedroom. I know, you're thinking I'm the crazy lamp lady, but really, they just MAKE our room.

Slowly, but surely, each room in our home is starting to come together. A special shout-out to my understanding husband who stayed home with Carter and told me to take my time and enjoy myself! It takes a strong man to sleep amongst ruffles!

I'm not above dirty tricks

When it comes to keeping little man happy at the mall, I'll do
whatever it takes. Today, all it took was renting this stroller at the
mall. He LOVED it and it was easier to push than our stroller!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Uninvited guests

Yep. There were quite a few quests at the company picnic that we could
do without. Horrible little Mosquitos! I had the share this 2" wide
bump that one of them created on my leg.