Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boy oh Barnhouse boys!

The Barnhouse boys had their annual fair this past weekend and it was SOOOOO worth getting up at the crack of dawn and driving half an hour to attend. First of all, mom had a booth so, it was already worth going, but it was even better since I got to go in a little early to "help" her and get dibs on my favorite items from my favorite booths.

Worthy Goods: LOVE these gals. They have a booth at Monticello and we must have at least 4 of their homemade adorable pillows on our bed and in our living room. At Barnhouse, I scored this amazing chair with its handmade with ruffles slipcovered cushion! Thank goodness they let me buy it before the fair had officially opened because the next few hours I saw numerous people lured into their booth by it. So sad to see their disappointment when they saw it was already sold. OK. Not really that sad.

Retreat: Oh, Bob and Deb! They never disappoint. Always amazing stuff for sale and always an amazing display. This time I bought 4 - Yes, 4 - lamps. Extreme? Just wait.... All 4 are now in our bedroom. I know, you're thinking I'm the crazy lamp lady, but really, they just MAKE our room.

Slowly, but surely, each room in our home is starting to come together. A special shout-out to my understanding husband who stayed home with Carter and told me to take my time and enjoy myself! It takes a strong man to sleep amongst ruffles!


Lindsey Buxton said...

A very strong man:)

GG said...

Good going Chris. The bedroom looks wonderful. Imagine that! Lamps and a gorgeous chair brought it all together. WOW.

A Cottage Industry said...

Everything looks amazing in your bedroom! And yes, I think we all agree that Mr. R is a real keeper!
Gramma Cupcake

Bettie from Southern Thresholds said...

Love the room. Especially like that you mix furniture up and not do the usual matching nightstands. Love your signature R - such a nice touch. Great finds and yes, you are so fortunate to have such a talented mom.

Laurie said...

You are the cutest thing in the whole world and I'm glad the chair found such a great home!!!

Retreat said...

I love that signature R too... I think I need it for my Retreat booth... :0) just kidding! Thanks for sharing photos of the lamps AND crediting us - you are so sweet, Heather!

And yes, Mr. R IS a keeper.

-Deb @ Retreat