Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Carter fix

One of the great things about Grandma and Grandpa Roberts' house is that so many family and friends live nearby. It is not at all uncommon for Carter to have numerous visitors while at their house whether or not we are there with him. Grandma J just sent us this cute photo of Carter with Great-Grandpa Ron and Great-Grandma Neta while we were in Silverton.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Status updates

I realize I forgot to update everyone on the bottle situation. It's gone. After that day that we took it away, it was never seen again. So much easier than the books said it would be. Now, I just have to bring myself to get rid of the bottles.. They are still in a drawer in my kitchen.

Also, for record keeping purposes, Carter knows where his ears and mouth are! If you ask him, he'll point them out to you. He knows his belly as well, but can be a little shy so, he doesn't always lift his shirt to show you. Most of the time when he does lift his shirt, he sucks his belly in. Where did he learn that?

He has also decided this past week that he cannot get enough of his books! He has finally realizes that it can be fun to sit still for a minute if someone reads to him!

Through a mother's eyes

Outsider: How cute! He's in his playroom playing with mama's pasta strainers.

Mom's view: How cute! He's in his playroom playing with with my pasta strainers. Looks like they will have to be washed AGAIN!

Outsider: hmmm.. pasta strainer on the head... not the brightest bulb in the pack

Mom's view: My child is a GENIUS! He totally remembers daddy putting the pasta strainer on his head like a hat last night and is trying to be like his daddy. GENIUS!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

More from the hunt

Here are some videos I finally got uploaded.

Carter did a pretty good job walking home from the park. We would have made it in half the time if it wasn't for those darned leaves! Apparently it is his duty to try to pick up every single one. Complete disregard for how dirty he was getting touching icky stuff - such a boy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Easter Bunny came early

Today our neighborhood held it's annual Easter egg hunt in the park. It was our first time joining in the fun and Carter's first ever Easter egg hunt and boy, oh boy, was it fun!

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts drove up from Stayton to watch Carter in action. There were so many people and kids.

He immeidately picked up an egg in each hand and, in true Carter fashion, shook each one to hear the noise (all the eggs were plastic and filled with candy). That's it. He was done. Mommy had to picked up the rest of his 12 eggs and occassionally would put one back when he decided to drop one in his hand to exchange it for another.

We came back home and enjoyed Mother's crunchy french toast. I got this amazing cookbook from my sister for my birthday and it only took me one whole month to use it!

Then, Chris decided to completely take advantage of the fact that his dad was in town and use his help to complete my birthday present. I had asked for a counter to go over my washer and dryer. The depth that I wanted turned out to cause a bit of an issue that involves ordering a piece instead of being able to just pick it up at the store. So, I mentioned that I also really wanted cabinets above. Previously, there was just a wire shelf. Ta da!

Fabulous, right?

The men also tackled the broken sprinkler pipe while Carter threw a couple of fits that he couldn't help them. Grandma J and I have decided that Chris and Roger are two peas in a pod and Carter is gearing up to be their third. He loved to be outside and getting dirty just like Dad and Grandpa.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stolen photo

Yes, I stole a photo of my little man from my mother's blog. It was way too cute not to.

Our due date

I've spent the last 9 months thinking about today. Roughly the first 3 with excitement and the feeling of "oh my goodness, how am I going to do this?". The last 6, well, I've thought about today differently.

I never know when I'm going to think about it. It always seems to surprise me. Like when the movers we hired moved Carter's crib to the nursery and the guy shared that his wife was pregnant. I put on a smile and congratulated him. When he then said that her due date was March 23rd, I had to turn away when I said "how exciting!" after catching my breath from the punch to the gut.

The thoughts are as different as what brings them on. Like when I suddenly have an "ah ha" moment while I'm army crawling through Carter's tunnel "Ah, this is why you decided we weren't ready. So that I could experience all of this with Carter to its fullest." A sense of understanding and appreciation that He does have plans for us and they are the right plans whether or not they seem like it at the time.

As hard as it is, I can't imagine going through this without already having our little man. Whenever I'm hit with a sad thought, he can easily push it aside. We are so lucky and blessed in that regard. So many other couples that go through this, don't have that. I'm thankful that I have an amazing husband to go through this with me and we have faith that when the time is right, He'll bless us again.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Milestone update

Yesterday, little man successfully opened the pantry door. Umm hmm.. pushed and pushed on it saying "nana, nana" (translation: I want food and I know it is in there). He then stopped, reached up to the door knob, pulled down and it opened. One push later and he was in!

I just can't keep up.

Operation Lose the Bottle: about a week later

Inquiring minds want to know: how is it going with the bottle?!

So, all week long I've let him have the bottle for naps with only an ounce of water. Today, I got bold. With Chris at home, I had backup. I'm proud to say, we have now experienced 2 naps sin botela (without bottle)!!!! No water, no nothing and most importantly, no crying!

Cross your fingers and pray for us that bedtimes goes as smoothly and we might be getting rid of the bottles from my kitchen tomorrow!

Haircut part II

Lordy, Carter's hair grows just as fast as his mother's! We realized today that he needed his second haircut already. We went right back to where he got it cut before, but this time, we decided to try something a little different. I asked them to go shorter and give it a little "spike".

This time mommy got to sit in the chair with him since daddy was getting a haircut at the same time. He was such a good boy that he got a lollipop at the end - it was coconut flavored and he LOVED it!

Don't let the pouty face fool you. He loves his new 'do, he was just upset that daddy would't let him hold his can of Coke. Maybe NOW we can avoid that crazy bedhead!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our 2nd anniversary

Since we jump-started our family with a honeymoon baby, we've kind of made a pact that we will take some time for ourselves each year on our anniversary with at least one baby-free night away. Last year, little man was only a few months old and it was soooo hard to leave him and head to Sisters, Oregon.

This year, it was equally as difficult, but we stayed a bit closer and headed to Silverton, Oregon. We stayed at the Oregon Gardens Resort which it seems no one knows exists. Just as the name suggests, it's a full resort with restaurant AND spa! I'm not sure why, but they offer a steal of a deal. For $83 (yes, $83) we got a very nice room with a king bed, an amazing steak dinner with a bottle of wine (the meal alone came to $82), entrance into the Gardens and breakfast in the morning. We still aren't sure how they do it, but it was an awesome deal!

We splurged a bit and had a couples' massage at the spa and rather than eat breakfast at the resort, we went into tiny little Silverton and ate at O'Brien's. We fell in love with the quaint little city from the moment we put the dime in the parking meter and realized it paid for an entire 2 hours of parking! The store owners were all extra nice and it was great to just take a break and casually shop without a 1 year-old.

We also got to see the Mayor. Maybe you've heard a bit about him/her.. umm... anyway. He/she was at the local movie theatre which was playing Alice in Wonderland. He/she was dressed like the mad hatter and I have to say, was a very strong resemblance (except for the skirt). Chris didn't believe me that it was him or her. So, here babe - a photo for you:

One complaint, while I love the quaintness of the town, I was upset that the adorable little chocolate store wasn't opened while we were there. They are close on Sunday, but when we went back on Monday in hopes of getting some sweet treats to thank the grandparents, there was a post-it on the door: "Gone skiing". Cute, unless you really wanted to buy some chocolates :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Beethoven

While we were away celebrating our anniversary, Carter spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts. Boy, did they have some stories to share. Here is a little glimpse of the fun!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just love this picture. I remember the exact moment it was taken. Usually, I look at a photo and I remember the day or the event. It might even cause me to remember how I felt at the moment, but I don't actually remember the moment - who took the photo? Did I see them take it? Then, there are photos that I actually remember the exact moment.

I remember this moment during our first dance. I could not have stopped smiling if I wanted to. I was so happy as we danced to Ingrid Michealson's "The way I am" and for just a moment, I wasn't so uncomfortable being the center of attention (yes, I do remember how quickly I raced down that aisle thank-you-very-much). In this moment, I was with my husband. When I saw the photographer I didn't have to pose. She snapped the shot and was off again.

Such an amazing day. Such an amazing two years.

Operation Lose the Bottle: Day 2-3

Not too much to update on this operation. It is going more smoothly than I had anticipated after reading all the books on how to do it. The last two days went much like the first. He goes to bed without any fuss as long as he has a bottle (with just an ounce of water or even empty). So, we have successfully eliminated the milk in a bottle at bedtime issue!

We'll get rid of the bottle completely, but since Carter is going to Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow so that mommy and daddy can celebrate their 2nd anniversary, we thought we'd let him keep it another night. It is the LEAST we could do since they offered to watch him for us :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Operation Lose the Bottle: Day 1

Yes, yes, I know! We should have been rid of the bottle a couple of months ago, but who can say no to such a sweet little face when he is sick or when mommy is about to go out of town or when.. OK, enough excuses. It's time to go.

The plan: Carter currently goes right to sleep (majority of the time) when I put him in his crib with a bottle of 6 oz of milk. He sucks it dry so I'm not really worried about the milk pooling in his mouth and causing tooth decay, I just think it is time and I'm sick of washing bottles. I'm going to start by replacing the milk with water. Then, maybe an empty bottle? Then, no bottle at all.

Today's progress:

Morning nap: went to sleep within about 2 minutes with only a tiny bottle of 2 oz of water.

Afternoon nap: went to sleep within about 2 minutes with only a tiny bottle with about an ounce of water.

UPDATED TO ADD PHOTO FOR THE COMPLAINERS (he reminds me of his Uncle TJ when he was little - he moves all over his bed when he sleeps):

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Look who Auntie Kellie caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Home sweet home

I just got back from my first Kale Women's weekend and I am exhausted. The annual beach trip to Lincoln City was filled with introductions and story-telling and SHOPPING! Little Man got so much new stuff from the outlet mall for next to nothing! I had so much fun getting to know Grandma Lois' even more extended side of the family.

I got home to a little guy who had been spoiled rotten by Grandma Cupcake and Auntie Lindsey. **Tricky Chris - went on a week long business trip, how coincidental that it fell the same weekend as the girls only trip :) He decided today that he didn't need his afternoon nap which could only mean... yep, more teeth! I spotted two molars that popped through!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shockingly brilliant

Well, Little Man and I have made it one whole night and one whole day with our daddy. He is on a cruise business trip and we miss him terribly! Carter has become so much more attached to Chris lately than ever before. He has a complete meltdown any time he leaves the room. Today I realized just how much he misses daddy when he did this with his soup (wink):

Caught red-handed

Apparently my son is a thief AND the driver of the get-away car. Just look what I found tucked behind him in the cozy coupe!

Drive-in movie at home

Carter is loving his cozy coupe this week. He likes to open the door, get in, shut the door, open the door, get out, repeat. He also likes to get right next to the coffee table, get inside the car and then, climb out the window on to the coffee table. Apparently he is over sitting in chairs and likes to relax with a good Handy Manny show in his car or on the coffee table.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Carter fix

Carter is enjoying his new playroom - more photos to come. He has a new shelf which holds lots of toys. The only problem is, he wants which ever toy he doesn't have. Watch him tell daddy which toys he needs help getting.

He's also really loving his huge bear which was out of reach at the other house.